Epsilons Epsilons

When was the last time you heard a band that made your heart speed up and gave you the urge to kick the shit out of everything in sight? If it’s been too long since that’s happened to you, the arrival of Epsilons is going to change everything. This Laguna Beach, CA, foursome are so amazing they’ll make you want to fall in love with a random stranger, go out and get wasted on Colt 45 and dance in your underwear on the streets all in the same day. Sounding like they’ve taken a cue or two from the Cramps and anything Exene Cervenka’s ever done, Epsilons spin out 14 tracks from behind a lo-fi haze that makes them sound like they belong in a completely different era. Vocalist Ty Segall has an astoundingly androgynous voice that growls and scratches at rough surfaces while Mike Anderson, Charlie Moonheart and Roland Cosio create a sleazed up backdrop with new wave nuances. This is a band that recorded their earliest demos with walkie talkies — it doesn’t get any better than this. (Retard Disco)