Epic 8:30 in Newfoundland

Produced by Clotheshorse head honcho soso, the beats on Epic's 8:30 in Newfoundland seem tailor-made for this odd Canadian MC. With many layers and interesting sound effects for samples (check the cash register and jingling coin effects on "EPMD," for example), the beats may be the highlight of 8:30. This may be even truer for those who might find Epic's unconventional flow and far from baritone voice unappealing. I, however, find Epic's vocals comforting, but then again, I also enjoy the more extreme sounds of Dose One, Why? and Josh Martinez, so what does that say? Either way, ignoring what Epic presents would be truly foolish. Despite criticism that Epic doesn't have much flow, it's more of a case of he doesn't stick with typical patterns and cadence. Instead, he expresses his "Thought Process" through a freeform flow that barely avoids singing, but most important is Epic's diary-like diatribes against student loans, bad rappers and racist cops. Some of the tracks are a bit short - "Mic Geronimo," "13% Rant" and "Dave Steib," among them -leaving you wanting more. However, heavy rotation tracks like "Dog Shit Tired," "Fast Words Slow," featuring Yy, and "EPMD," featuring Pip Skid, are played repeatedly enough to make up for it. Plus, even if "Dave Steib" is a bit short, it shines as one of the best tracks on 8:30 in Newfoundland. A highly recommended album for beat fiends and open-minded individuals. (Clothes Horse)