Environmentalists Slam U2's Earth-Hurting 360° Tour

Environmentalists Slam U2's Earth-Hurting 360° Tour
It appears that the hypocritical nature of Irish rock demigods U2 continues to surface in different ways. Currently, it comes in the form of a massive environmental mess that will be left in the wake of their 360° world tour, which includes 100 dates in 18 months and one of the band's most expansive, overblown set-ups yet.

In a report from the Belfast Telegraph [via Gigwise], Carbonfootprint.com rep Helen Roberts revealed that "the carbon footprint generated by U2's 44 concerts this year [2009] is equal to carbon created by the four band members travelling the 34.125 million miles from Earth to Mars in a passenger plane. You also have to add the carbon emissions from the same number of concerts again next year."

Funny, because saintly singer Bono was quoted in Tokyo last year saying, "My prayer is that we become better in looking after our planet."

So what will U2 have to do to look after our planet? Roberts explains, "To offset this year's carbon emissions, U2 would need to plant 20,118 trees."

Maybe we'll be getting a follow-up to No Line on the Horizon a bit later than we first thought.