Enon/Brainiac Offshoot the Vertical Scratchers Sign to Merge Records for Debut LP

Enon/Brainiac Offshoot the Vertical Scratchers Sign to Merge Records for Debut LP
Indie rock empire Merge Records has announced yet another addition to its mighty roster. Joining the ranks of Arcade Fire, Superchunk, King Khan and so many more will be Los Angeles duo the Vertical Scratchers.

Merge confirmed the signing in a press release, and the band's Daughter of Everything LP is set to arrive February 25. The group includes former Enon/Brainiac member John Schmersal, who also performs with Crooks on Tape and periodically Caribou, as well as Triclops!/Peace Creep member Christian Beaulieu.

The Vertical Scratchers' Facebook page notes that Schmersal was looking to play in a project a little less complicated than his previous acts, with the band favouring a simple guitar-and-drums set-up and two-minute songs that mix "the Kinks with a Buzzcocks brevity."

"Part of the aesthetic we we're establishing when writing Vertical Scratchers songs was to maintain a sense of urgency and raw energy without relying on volume and distortion," Schmersal said in a statement. "I wanted the guitars to sound light and jangle-y and most songs were purposefully sang in a soft falsetto. " 

He continued: "I have played in a lot of bands with complicated set ups and implemented technologies. I also do a lot of recording and editing on computers of music/audio. So, part of the longing for simplicity was about streamlining the ideas to be as organic and real time as possible." 

Though a tracklisting has yet to be revealed, the album was recorded live in Los Angeles at the Smell in September 2012. An undetailed guest vocal from Guided By Voices head honcho Robert Pollard, however, was tracked at Ohio's Waterloo Sound.