Enon Piccadilly Pub, Vancouver BC — October 15, 2002

The creation of former Brainiac guitarist John Schmersal, Enon's sound has evolved into something much less quirky/electronic/experimental. Now it's more pop/NYC punk while still keeping some new wave flavours. The show included both retro and futuristic electronic elements, but not in a spastic jerky style or at the expense of actual songs. This could in part reflect the band's latest line-up, which in addition to Schmersal, features Toko Yasuda (the Lapse, Blonde Redhead) on bass, vocals and synthesiser, and Matt Schulz (Let's Crash) on drums. While Schmersal continues to handle most front-man duties, Yasuda held the limelight for the middle of the set with several particularly dance-y synth-pop songs, like "In the City" and "Disposable Parts" that featured her on vocals and synthesiser. The newer material may not have completely won over the obvious Brainiac and Believo album-era fans, but as a whole, the mid-sized crowd was captivated. Schmersal often took on triple-duty between vocals, guitar and an assortment of low- and hi-tech gadgetry. At several points, including the closing Rubber Car and Pleasure and Privilege, the band rocked with the kind of bass and feedback guitar that makes your body vibrate. Enon seems to be aptly teetering on the edge between creative post-punk chaos and synth-pop new wave melodies, all with a confident anything-goes attitude.