Enjoy Some Passive Viewership with Somewhere, Season of the Witch and Country Strong in This Week's Film Roundup

Enjoy Some Passive Viewership with <i>Somewhere</i>, <i>Season of the Witch</i> and <i>Country Strong</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
It's the first Friday of 2011 (Ice Cube reference incidental) and the good folks at various movie studios have another batch of titles to vie for your entertainment expenditure funds. Before deciding between the mixture of limited-release, award's season prestige films and unmarketable January dumping ground garbage, you might want to check out reviews of them in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.

Finding its rightful place in early January purgatory, where it joins stellar fare like Virus and Supernova, Nicolas Cage's latest opus, Season of the Witch, brings witchcraft, pestilence and religious hypocrisy to the big screen for some medieval fantasy hi-jinx. Read our review to see if it breaks, or adheres to, the pattern of terrible studio films starting out the new year.

Gwyneth Paltrow is also back on the big screen -- apparently taking a break from her pretentious website -- karaoking tunes in concert tour drama Country Strong. Let's hope it's better than her last foray into big-screen singing, Duets, which had something to do with her and Huey Lewis singing Smokey Robinson songs.

We also have a review of Sofia Coppola's latest film about young women finding their place in the world and the men they look up to, Somewhere, which steps back to observe the quotidian rituals of a celebrity father and his daughter. Blue Valentine also opens this weekend, boasting complex, unrelenting performances from stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, along with a controversial sex scene and a less than glamorous look at relationships.

On top of all these, this weekend brings us yet another drama about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, in the form of Precious Life, which features an Israeli paediatrician and a Palestinian mother seeking help for a sick baby.

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