Endangered Ape Ape Shall Not Kill Ape

Somewhere between rural Alberta and one of its most civilized counterparts, Calgary, Endangered Ape have formed a visceral garage punk cacophony that isn't done justice on this, their scrappily recorded second EP, Ape Shall Not Kill Ape. Though a higher-quality recording might take some of the bonafide DIY-ness out of the EP's self-recorded, self-packaged and self-distributed aesthetic, it could also serve to highlight the impressive arrangements and layering (not to mention the stellar spooky organs) that live under the spacey murk. The dark pop sensibility of "Ghost Countdown" is enough to place them into the same ring — and, given the same circumstances, hype — as Toronto's current beloved fuzz goths Little Girls, and the slightly more aggressive tone of "Tales of a Survivalist Pt. 3" takes the post out of the punk for a straightforward homage to the defining sounds of Black Flag. This piddly five-song EP is over too soon but it's a good prequel to catching Endangered Ape the next time they roll into your town. (Independent)