Enchant Juggling 9 or Dropping 10

I love that album name, the cool artwork and even the album. I knew the band was on the progressive side of things and, sure enough, that Rush riff they lifted for the first song here, "Paint the Picture," gives a distant early warning that if you want an easy listen, go elsewhere. It's not prog metal (Spiral Architect, Watchtower), though, it's more of prog hard rock (Dream Theater, Rush), with a serious talent for writing catchy songs. Catchy prog songs? Yes, it can happen sometimes. The band sure knows what they're doing; they've been doing it for ten years now and obviously work very well together. This has all the ingredients of a good progressive album: dramatic and well-sung vocals, good drumming, weird time signatures and a nice crisp production. It also has straight-ahead 4/4 parts that would sound just fine on mainstream radio. Unfortunately, it has all the downers that come with prog albums: too many ballads, too much milling around, songs that go on for far too long, just "too much" everything. This is quality stuff, though, and you can always turn it off when you start to get antsy. Enchant is the best band of this genre I've heard since Dream Theater. Recommended for those seeking some mature, talented and classy music. (Inside Out)