Enabler All Hail the Void

EnablerAll Hail the Void
Milwaukee, WI harbingers of aggression Enabler have opened a portal to the underworld with All Hail The Void. Infused with the forward momentum of thrash metal, the aggression of hardcore and the sheer insouciant insolence of crust punk, Enabler are in the business of making records that are as challenging as they are cathartic. Their aesthetic is an extremely effective hybrid that simultaneously harnesses the thick, dense riff structures of great sludge with the explosive, wildly destructive energy of a nail bomb. While their last offering, Eden Sank to Grief, still wallowed in moments of existential despair, All Hail The Void translates that cosmic disappointment into combative energy that's as supple as it is acerbic. "Fuck Today" is a study in violent rejection and disaffection, and the title track is nothing less than a throbbing, irresistible call to war. Enabler have wrought a brilliant piece of clawing, desperate defiance. (Southern Lord)