Empty Flowers Six

Empty FlowersSix
Connecticut post-rock outfit Empty Flowers have a reputation that transcends their status as a newly formed band, as Randy Larsen and Bernie Romanowski are members of metallic hardcore turned Southern sludge rock group Cable. The Cable influence can be clearly heard on Empty Flower's debut, Six, in the emotive sung-spoken vocals and the writhing, repetitive song structures. Six is more delicate in its construction, the repetition taking the form of tight, mincing loops, but what sets it apart are the textures and atmosphere. Where Cable were defined emotionally by heat and frustration, evoking softening asphalt and tempers flaring in a stifling hot, un-air-conditioned room, Six is positively chilly. The guest vocals Rebecca Mitchell (Whore Paint) supplies on "Ice On Wings" are hypothermic, and the sparer, more precise sound of Empty Flowers often evokes the way that snowfall can simultaneously muffle and amplify sound. Frontman Christian McKenna shines on "Call A Priest," demonstrating that he's able to convey wistful gentility without losing power. While Empty Flowers may not be able to avoid comparisons to Cable, Six is strong enough to withstand the contrast. (Translation Loss)