Emotal? Metmo? MASH-UPS

The phrase "emo mashups” might sound like sick slang for cardigan-clad MySpace hook-ups, but with the Legion of Doom, Trevor Keith (Face to Face) and producer Chad Blinman have created the ultimate car-crash of nu-emo and metalcore, taking what was an intriguing evolution in remix culture and applying it to a batch of songs that make 14-year-olds wet themselves. While they have yet to overcome the legal hurdles that saw Incorporated, the group’s first proper record, shelved for nearly a year, it’s now available for streaming at www.the-legion-of-doom.com. Anyone who’s ever wished they could play Brand New and Dashboard Confessional, Every Time I Die and Norma Jean, or the Get Up Kids and Matchbook Romance at the same time should be stoked.