Emma-Lee "Worst Enemy" (video)

Emma-Lee "Worst Enemy" (video)
Canadian songstress Emma-Lee is ready to reveal a brand new single titled "Worst Enemy," and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere of its accompanying video.
"Our parents, teachers and friends all encourage us to be ourselves, but as you get older, sometimes only traces of that encouragement survive," Emma-Lee said in a press release, explaining the inspiration behind the song. "Reality sets in, and you tell yourself it's time to get a real job and get serious. In writing this song I wanted to ask the question 'What would you do if you could meet your old self again?'"
Sonically, the track takes her in a poppier direction than we heard on 2012's Backseat Heroine, perhaps in part thanks to a co-writing credit from Royal Wood.
He's not the only high-profile guest on the song; the video features cameos from Peter Katz, Damhnait Doyle, Robyn Dell'Unto, Julian Taylor, Mike Evin, Lori Nuic and Andrew Austin. In the new clip, Emma-Lee and her musical pals sport shirts with the song's lyrics splashed across them, giving viewers no excuse not to sing along.
The "Worst Enemy" single is officially available today (January 29) via Special Agent Records, and you can check out the video for it in the player below right now.