Eminem's Shady Records to Release 66-Song Mixtape

Eminem's Shady Records to Release 66-Song Mixtape
While Eminem's Shady Records celebrates its 15th anniversary next week via the release of the Shady XV compilation, the label has apparently also tapped DJ Whoo Kid to keep the party going with a monolithic 66-song mixtape likewise toasting its roster.

Speaking on the Rap Radar podcast alongside label co-founder Paul Rosenburg, Whoo Kid noted that he had been given "130 records" to work with on the upcoming project, noting that the TBD 66-song tracklisting is too hefty to toss onto just one disc.

"Physically, you can't fit all of them on 80-minute CDs, so we had to do a double disc," he said of the three-hour long mix.

While details are slim, it's being suggested that while Shady XV features both exclusive material and tracks from the annals, the as-yet-unnamed mixtape will focus on classic Shady material.

"Just as a fan, you go back and you listen to some of the posse records, and the freestyles, and the remixes, crazy shit," Rosenberg said during the podcast, which you can hear down below. "I forgot about all that stuff. And going back and listening to it, it brings back memories. So we did a two-CD thing."

He added, "We figured since there's so many people that are gonna be saying, Ah, why didn't this song make it [on the album]? Why didn't that song make it? We'll just do something to please everybody."

As for Shady XV, which features Shady classics from Eminem and 50 Cent, a demo for Em's "Lose Yourself," and new crew tracks like "Detroit vs. Everybody," it lands next Tuesday (November 24) via Shady/Interscope/Aftermath.