Eminem "Phenomenal" (video)

Eminem 'Phenomenal' (video)
Though Eminem has been known to murder the mic and deliver ruthless punchlines, get ready to see the rapper go full-blown action star in the new video for his Southpaw single "Phenomenal." Full of explosions and fight scenes, the video has been delivered through Apple Music.

There's plenty of drama to be found in the vid, which finds a groggy Em waking up on a doctor's table, unsure of his surroundings. What follows are a series of conflicts with orderlies and hospital goons, a brief meeting with a noodle-slurping bad guy (no spoiler on the cameo), car chases, and the sight of Em freefalling from a flaming helicopter.

Brand synergy is tied into the vid when Marshall Mathers meets up with Dr. Dre. To see how it all plays out, you'll have to head over here to Apple Music.

The Southpaw soundtrack, which also include Eminem's "Kings Never Die" team-up with Gwen Stefani, hits store July 24 through Shady Records.