Eminem "Cocaine" (ft. Jazmine Sullivan)

Eminem 'Cocaine' (ft. Jazmine Sullivan)
Eminem leaks are everywhere this week. A couple of days ago (December 28), we got the Dr. Dre-produced "Syllables," and now we have another new Em cut to check out.

"Cocaine" is more 'lax than that earlier track. Riding high on moody synth swells and a '90s pop-rap beat, the tune's dour tone sounds as if it would fit on a playlist with Duran Duran's "Come Undone" than it would, say, the bizarre carny-rap of "My Name Is." Despite its sound, though, the song does have Marshall Mathers in a nostalgic mood.

Starting off calmly, the rapper reminisces on the image he cultivated early on his career. From his crazy Slim Shady persona to his preferred brand of wife-beater undershirts --Hanes, naturally -- the dude spits on how he built up his image in the media, and how it eventually had him completely unravelled. While he gets progressively louder and angrier on his rant over the fame game, R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan cuts the edge off with her soulful hook.

You can stream the song up on XXL.