Emery The Question

These South Carolina natives had quite a powerful freshman album and some rose coloured glasses type energy to live up to. Did the haggard ways of the music industry corrupt and corrode them to such an extent that the passion was no longer there? Did the fame get to their heads and the effort that went into the album and made a name for themselves fade away like the fireflies at dawn? Thankfully, not only did neither of those typical sophomore album syndromes get to them, but they also seem to have genuinely grown and developed their sound to include more harmonies mingled with screaming, unconventional instruments, as well as an amazing song structure that dives all in, and then manages to pull back at the drop of a dime without you feeling even slightly torn and ripped. All this happens without this Seattle based band losing the lyrical depth and explosive energy that piqued the interest of the multitudes with their first album, The Weak’s End. This entire conglomerate collection of songs is like watching a well-written and executed theatre play; the emotions, drama, and meaning behind the glamour will grab you if you let it; and it’s well worth the remembered anguish that rises from the ashes of your heart. (Tooth and Nail)