Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt Returns with New Solo LP

Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt Returns with New Solo LP
No matter how frequently the dudes from Emeralds roll out new records, it's always welcome to hear more music from the revered kosmische trio. The latest announcement from the Emeralds camp comes courtesy of band member Steve Hauschildt, whose Sequitur will arrive on November 12 through Kranky.

This album comes a year (down to the week) after his previous solo LP for Kranky, Tragedy & Geometry. It will also follow the latest Emeralds album, Just to Feel Anything, by only a week (that album is out November 5).

Sequitur was recorded in Vancouver and Cleveland using almost 20 different instruments, apparently giving the solo disc a wider sonic palette than its predecessor.

Here is a statement from the sound architect to give you an idea of what to expect.

I was very interested in the artificiality of vocal or choir-like sounds that emulate a person or group singing, and how this has evolved with the advancement of musical technology over the decades. I also sang myself and used a vocoder. This was not to sound robotic or to auto-tune notes, but instead used to remove the connotations of gender inherent in the vocal formants that define how we naturally assign gender qualities to sounds, particularly the human voice. It was interesting to discover that certain replicable sounds become 'androgynous' when they carry both masculine and feminine characteristics. I was inspired to carry this idea into music mainly because of the work of Camille Paglia, Rosalind Picard and Donna Haraway. In a sense, the album treads the imaginary boundary between Nature and Artifice. Of course it is within a postmodern trajectory, but not necessarily a statement on cyborg theory or feminism. Rather, Sequitur is a musical domain where these ideas freely collide and coalesce to form emotive states for the listener.

All told, the album contains eight tracks. See the tracklist below and the album cover above. Expect Hauschildt to release a video from the collection before long.


1. Interconnected
2. Accelerated Yearning
3. Constant Reminders
4. Sequitur
5. Mixed Messages
6. Vegas Mode
7. Kept
8. Steep Decline