The Tonite Show

eMCThe Tonite Show
After teasing their full-length return in late 2014, a half-decade removed from their debut offering as a collective, rap unit eMC (Masta Ace, Wordsworth and Stricklin) release a comical concept record that finds a particularly fitting drop date, given the current fervour over late night talk shows and David Letterman's departure.
The Tonite Show chronicles the day leading up to a fictitious, last minute appearance on the famous program, following the crew from their flight out to the TV studio through to the show's final minutes. Humorous skits and "Tonite Show" segments featuring host "Jimmy Falcon" (Russell Peters) work to set up each themed track, which the MCs handle with clever wordplay that oscillates between properly heated and lukewarm, but that gets points for generally sticking to the script. Cuts like "I Like You Like," "Spun a Web" and "Signtology" ride smooth and call out for repeat spins, though others — the Xzibit-featuring "Numbers" and "It Ain't Easy," with its unintentionally corny vocals — likely won't be missed after a few spins.
The concept tying it all together is actually a great idea, and the record does provide some memorable moments, though not quite enough to quell the feeling that this could have been a lot more fun. (Penalty Entertainment)
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