Embryonic Cryptopathia Uterine Excretor of Carcinovomit

Ah, yes, just what the good doctor ordered: a heaping pile of steaming gore-grind with nil production values, a 19-minute running time and no redeeming social value. But it does hit the spot, with Embryonic Cryptopathia offering up a wonderfully first-generation gore-grind attack that brings to mind Carcass’s debut, or Repulsion, in all the right ways. Sure, this isn’t classic material like the records those two bands routinely dished out, and it’s all one big mess with no songs to speak of, but it rules. About half the EP is "bonus garbage” — remastered demo material — which, you guessed it, sounds the same as the rest of the wonderful garbage splattered on this platter. I dig. (Bestial Onslaught)