Embrace the End Ley Lines

Sacramento’s Embrace the End have spent some time away and returned that much stronger for it. Three years after their vitriolic, if derivative, debut, the group have stepped up their game and developed into a diverse, progressive metalcore act with more than a few tricks up their sleeves. Ley Lines is chock full of the hallmarks of death metal and noisecore — angular breakdowns, spastic transitions and technical embellishments abound but there’s nary a weak moment. While the nearly non-stop barrage of melting pot abrasiveness may be a bit much for some, those accustomed to the style will be impressed. The loss of one of their two original singers has somewhat stifled the progression, as there is nowhere near as much diversity present in the vocal department as there is in the musicianship, and the production is clear but unexceptional. Otherwise, there’s little to complain about her, and plenty to laud. Top notch. (Century Media)