Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert

Perhaps taking a cue from the macabre notion that enabled the long deceased Nat "King” Cole and Hank Williams to duet with their still kicking kids, Elvis Presley’s original "TCB” band recreate the experience of seeing the King in the flesh in an oddly fascinating way. A large cast of musicians and vocalists re-learn parts and routines, re-vitalising classic Elvis ’70s fare such as "C. C. Rider,” "Suspicious Minds” and "American Trilogy” before a packed arena while a giant video screen depicts Presley performing with the same group of people some 30 years earlier. Only Elvis’s voice is pre-recorded; the band have rehearsed this show so that they are perfectly in sync with Presley’s vocal cues, right down to bowing to his musician introductions. Occasionally eerie, it’s quite a spectacle and the DVD’s directors weave both eras of the "TCB” band together smoothly. Plus: Interviews. (EMI)