Eluvium Nabs Four Tet for New Limited EP

Eluvium Nabs Four Tet for New Limited EP
Earlier this year, Eluvium changed up his established neo-classical sound by adding vocals and minimal percussion on Similes. In our review, we described the new sound as "enough of a change to keep us wanting more." Clearly, Eluvium brain trust Matthew Cooper is an avid Exclaim! reader, as he's announced a follow-up EP.

Titled Leaves Eclipse the Light, the release features three songs: Similes track "A Life in Tides Less Current," new track "A Life in Tides Less Current" and a reworking of "The Motion Makes Me Last" courtesy of Four Tet (Pitchfork has the Four Tet remix streaming here). The CD also includes a music video for "The Motion Makes Me Last," which can be viewed below.

Temporary Residence will release Leaves Eclipse the Light on September 14. The EP is limited to 2,000 copies, and pre-orders are available here.

Leaves Eclipse the Light:

1. "Leaves Eclipse The Light"

2. "A Life In Tides Less Current"

3. "The Motion Makes Me Last" (Four Tet remix)