Eltro Past and Present Futurists

Eltro are an adventurous quintet that likes to taste a little bit of everything when it comes to crafting their music. Past and Present Futurists, their third album, takes inspiration from a slew of references: world music, post-rock, ambient, electronica and askew indie rock. There’s a parallel between acts like Broadcast and Stereolab, in the sense that they all push the boundaries of pop and avant-garde as a unison pair, yet Eltro lack the immediate magnetism the other two are heralded for. They refuse to conform to any real song structure, which makes for some interesting moments, but their eccentricity is both enterprising and damaging. Jumping from one dimension to another on each track, it’s hard to keep up with their enthusiasm for experimentation. An interesting listen to say the least, Past and Present Futurists gets an A for effort, but a far lesser grade for consistency and keeping the listener intrigued. (Absolutely Kosher)