Eltractor El Radio

El Tractor is renowned in Quebec City for their live video editing and improvisations projected on a big screen during their shows. Since this record is a radio show that was broadcast on Excavation Sonore, an experimental local program, the video editing was transformed to audio-clips of different TV shows and films inserted in the music. The end result varies from electronic pieces, "Retard tard," to electro-acoustic number, "La Caillette," to an intriguing reading of a list of all the Saints that have their body parts conserved in churches around the world. According to this list, Saint-Ignasse, who was eaten by lions, was a man with eight heads, 17 arms and 17 legs, because eight churches claim to have his real head. You can find similarities in El Tractor's music with the work of such artist as Jon Appleton, To Rococo Rot and Add N to (X). There's also guest appearances by Quebec City's audio art performers and friends Jocelyn Robert, Martin Meilleur and Marc Tremblay. This album is very different from domUSticks, the CD-Rom they released earlier this year, which is great because we get to hear the different faces of El Tractor and hear what they are capable of doing without visual support. (Ohm ├ęditions)