ElodieO Stubborn

A child of the LES/Nublu scene, which routinely draws upon world and lounge styles, Parisian born/New York-based ElodieO plies her breathy, Nico-esque vocals over electro trip-hop on her debut full-length, Stubborn. Playfully flitting from bossa nova to disco to dub, her half-spoken French and heavily accented English subdue all the shifting genres into a signature sound. It thickly coats the whole album, and while most of the tracks belong to her, ElodieO brings her plaintive vocals to remixes of "l’eau a la bouche” by Serge Gainsbourg, as well as the Cure’s "Home.” Amongst Stubborn’s best are the trip-hop stutter and lyrical loop of "Crazy” and the dubified, understated rootsiness of "Attache Moi.” The latter benefiting greatly from the studio band used on the album. The surprise injections of violin strings, sax and keyboards bring Stubborn some depth and spontaneity, adding the necessary musical life beneath ElodieO’s stylistic monotony (Sideburn)