Elliott Photorecording

An astounding tribute to the career of a genuinely interesting and compelling Louisville emo act, Photorecording is a must-own for any fan of the band’s back catalogue. Besides treating die-hards to stellar live-to-tape renderings of some of the band’s best songs, the disc also contains several rare tracks, culled from various sessions and live settings. Impressively, all of the material here is just as suited for casual fans, avoiding the trap of over-indulgence that many final recordings fall into. Recorded immediately following the band’s final set, the seven live in-studio tracks here demonstrate Elliott’s commitment to relevance in a live setting, showcasing the monstrous changes much of their older material has gone through. Alternate versions of songs like "Carry On” and "Drive On To Me” also appear here in vastly different, but equally good, forms than their earlier incarnations. A moving collection that logically progresses from the Radiohead-meets-Sunny Day Real Estate experimentation of their last full length, Photorecording is a perfect finale. (Revelation)