Eleventh Dream Day Zeroes and Ones

Although the talk of the town is the comeback of late ’70s and early ’80s bands like Mission of Burma, here comes Eleventh Dream Day out of a tiny hiatus to make their own mark again. Sure, they were pretty consistent with their output for most of the ’90s and, yeah, it’s only been six years since their last record, but the fact they’re still kicking is to be admired. With Rick Rizzo and Janet Beveridge Bean coming together again with a "fuck-post-rock-for-a-bit” Douglas McCombs, Zeroes and Ones will not be the album that causes an internet stir, but, it is still an admirable effort. "Dissolution” starts the disc off with a great melodic kick in the pants, and Rizzo lets the guitar take full flight on the epic "New Rules,” and it seems the six years did the band some good. To be honest, the back catalogue of this band is mostly unknown to me, but, listening to the confident punch of songs like "From K to Z,” there’s a mighty urge to track down some of their mid-’90s albums. To inspire that effort means that they must be doing something right. (Thrill Jockey)