Eleventeen In The Air

In the Air is the sophomore effort from San Francisco-based quintet Eleventeen. Their debut CD Everything I Ever Wanted to Say, released on Frenetic Records, was followed by touring in support of the album that included a stint on the 2002 Warped Tour. On In the Air, the band depends heavily on a Dinosaur Jr. inspired guitar riff that appears throughout the disc. They present a very watered down pop punk style that sounds washed out. What the band isn’t depending on is any identifiable musical style. They fall into the grey area of several styles. The disc kicks off with the immediacy of "Black Rose” (the song literally sounds as if you are jumping in at the middle point) but doesn’t keep up the energy. "Portrait of a Man” has some promise with a catchy riff and good lyric. The track opens with a beautiful vocal treatment courtesy of Joshua and the guitars of Josh and Rob are layered in, building the song to the core-seeking chorus. Unfortunately those qualities do not remain in the balance of the disc as it veers away from the start of the album. This album is reckless and headed for an accident. (Sessions)