Eleven Minutes Away Arson Followed Me Home

After years of slogging it out across Canada as a pop-punk outfit, Burlington, Ontario’s Eleven Minutes Away re-invented themselves completely, ditching the rock jumps and love songs of yore and replacing them with guttural screams and broken hearts. The newly minted band didn’t take long to catch the eye of emo super-label Deep Elm, and soon, Arson Followed Me Home was born. At their best on tracks like "I’m A Doctor, Not a Doorstep” and "Purpose Is Distraction,” the band now presents an uneven tendency to be simultaneously great and, sadly, derivative. Thankfully, Arson includes more of the former, with the use of interesting percussive elements and, on tracks like the stand-out "I Am Tragedy,” a genuine ability to play outside of conventional genre lines and experiment with structural and sonic elements. While the record as a whole is dragged down by the recycled nature of songs like "Enjoy the Disaster,” it is still given its moments to shine; and when it does, it’s pretty damn bright. (Deep Elm)