Elephant Stone

The Three Poisons

Elephant StoneThe Three Poisons
When it comes to psychedelia, Elephant Stone do things the old fashioned way, and The Three Poisons has all the classic hallmarks of the genre: there are Eastern-inflected blues licks (played on sitar, natch), chiming guitars, foggy-headed phaser effects and lyrics rife with philosophical teachings and spiritual allusions. The album cover has a paisley pattern, adding to the impression that this Montreal band are stuck in 1967. There's even a song called "Child of Nature" (which shares its title with a John Lennon-penned White Album outtake).

Sometimes, Elephant Stone's commitment to classic psychedelia is a good thing. "Knock You from Yr Mountain" is an instant standout, its meaty bass groove anchored by steady drums and overlaid with twanging sitar and soulful vocal solos. At other times, however, The Three Poisons comes off as by-the-numbers psych, and it rarely deviates from the parameters of the genre.

Then again, followers of the Summer of Love will likely enjoy the album if they just turn off their minds, relax and float downstream. (Hidden Pony)
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