Elephant Man Good 2 Go

This CD begins with the best and most popular song by Elephant Man, "Pon de River Pon de Bank,” but remarkably this CD is not just a one hit wonder filled with nameless and listless songs. Soon into this, you realise that this has some catchy tunes like "Signal de Plane.” Like Shabba, Elephant Man is a major label's attempt to cash in and achieve crossover success. For the most part, this CD achieves this objective. His reggae beats like those of Shabba's were catchy and it seems whatever songs he drops seem to hit a mark, but none of these songs will ever be considered classics. Evidence of this would be the song "All Out.” In a club setting, only a few of these songs would be DJ friendly as his musical approach and vocals lack a wide range of variety. That being said, his collaboration with Jimmy Cozier in "So Fine" was a success. Displaying their offbeat reggae rhythms, mixed with Latin influences hits the mark right on and at the very least Elephant Man will have you tapping your toes with "Who We Are" featuring Killah Priest, which is also good and this song will get a crowd hyped. There is a definite hardcore element to this CD. Songs like "Jamaica,” "Naw Gwan a Jamaica” and "Who We Are” are for those hard core dancehallers. The best collaboration on the CD is the song with LIL John. This CD definitely sneaks up on you. The more you listen to the CD, the more you can't help but listen to the songs. The majority of the CD is fast tunes with only one mellow tune, "Mexican Girl.” Enjoy. (EMI)