Elektro Guzzi Elektro Guzzi

Guitar, bass and drums show, and have shown, their synchronous power again and again. It's exciting when an artist succeeds in demonstrating that power in fresh and unfamiliar ways. Electro Guzzi are a three-piece band from Vienna. They make instrumental techno using bass, guitar and a drum kit. Uniquely, Electro Guzzi create the structured synchronicity of a band within the techno audio spectrum. Their music travels and builds through progressive, organic sound journeys. They make electronic-sounding music in a non-digital context. Opener "Hexenschuss" slowly builds around a solid bass line, rattling maracas and subtle guitar noises. "Black Egg" carries an ambient sound wavelength before rushing into an impressive electro guitar rhythm. "Sediment" creates solid sounds with bongos and variations of percussion alongside the changing tempo and volume of guttural guitar noise. Finding music like Elektro Guzzi is uncommon. It's also exhilarating to hear it. (Macro)