ElectroOrganicSoundSystem Roots Wreck Remix

Boston experimental musician Jake Trussell, whose work with Toneburst Collective creates a proper place for drum & bass rhythms, re-emerges here under the tag of ElectroOrganicSoundSystem. This second LP, called Roots Wreck Remix, is a compilation of muddy, lo-fi tracks that builds from dub-oriented grooves to frenetic jungle beats at the most unexpected moments. There are a lot of spaces for house and techno in Boston's clubs, but less room for the kind of experimental drum & bass that Trussell and his crew dish out. Coupled with Toneburst Collective's releases, however, this LP is set to create a widespread interest in the junglist vibe while keeping the sound firmly rooted to its underground, DIY aesthetic. The album is conceptually smart, moving from paying homage to influences with four tracks under the "Roots" section, to the "wreck" tracks that push the lo-fidelity method to its maximum by creating dub to driving drum & bass tracks on a 12-bit sampler. The sampling quality is low rate, with several instances of samples drawn from Trussell's live drum and guitar playing. On paper, muddy and deteriorated samples don't sound particularly attractive. However, each track packs a terrific energy and tests genre boundaries. Some of these efforts are re-mixed in the final section by Tube and Hrvatski, the former has recorded with Liquid Sky Music and Hotel Lotto, while Hrvatski is currently working on remixes for Mouse on Mars. Though experiments can go awry, Trussell and his entourage are actively making a space for the revival of jungle, and the sound of it is remarkable. (Varunee)