Electronicat Voodoo Man

Garage-rock and techno are an odd combination, but occasionally quite compelling, as Electronicat shows on this disc. Alternately throbbing, low-slung and sampled, the 13 tracks on this disc bring together traditional rock lyrics and guitars, plus modern, faux lo-fi electronics. Some of the better tracks are the bass-heavy rocker "Dans les Bois,” "The Smell of Danger,” with its blasts of static, car engines and guitar overlaying some cool techno beats, and "Flesh and Accessories,” where a fuzzed-out guitar line becomes the bass line, a mild surf guitar and various synthesisers add their melodies, while Electronicat sings about a drum machine that wants to get into S&M. "A Lover’s Suitcase” and "Mummy Cat Part 1” both sample some very familiar guitar lines and are used to good effect. Just to keep things weird, "Rainbow Massaker” and "Scratch Your Baby Bird” are completely demented, vocally and sonically. A worthy release, that gets better with time. (disko b)