Electronic Music Pioneer John Foxx Returns with DNA Album and DVD

Electronic Music Pioneer John Foxx Returns with <i>DNA</i> Album and DVD
Though he's perhaps best known as the frontman for Ultravox in their early years as a wild post-punk band, John Foxx has had a deep and diverse career since going solo in the late '70s. To this day, he continues to push the envelope with multimedia work that includes experiments with synth-pop, neoclassical composition and ambient music.

Foxx's latest work is an elaborate double album called DNA. Taking its name from a fictional corporation he created in a short story, the record includes a disc of new music and an accompanying DVD of short films set to the compositions. The filmmakers included are Steve D'Agostino, Ian Emes, Macoto Tezka and Jonathan Barnbrook.

DNA will be available on October 11 in the UK via Foxx's own Metamatic imprint. No word on a North American release as of yet, but based on the quality of Foxx and Emes's "Flightpath Tegel," available below, we get the impression that this one will be worth import prices.

More samples from the album can be heard here courtesy of FACT.


1. "Maybe Tomorrow"

2. "Kaiyahura"

3. "City of Mirage"

4. "Flightpath Tegel"

5. "Violet Bloom"

6. "Phantom Lover"

7. "A Secret Life 7"

8. "A Secret Life 2"

9. "Over the Mirage"


1. "Maybe Tomorrow" by Karborn

2. "Violet Bloom" by Steve D'Agostino

3. "Flightpath Tegel" by Ian Emes

4. "A Secret Life 2" by Ian Emes

5. "City of Mirage" by Macoto Tezka

6. "Kaiyagura" by Macoto Tezka

7. "Over the Mirage" by Macoto Tezka

8. "A Half-Remembered Sentence From The Quiet Man" by Jonathan Barnbrook

9. "Clicktrack" by Jonathan Barnbrook