Electronic Barnacle Island Deeply Faulted Area Resembling an Upright Deck of Cards

A debut release from Florida-based Aaron Noel under the moniker Electronic Barnacle Island, which I will admit right now is a great name for an artist. Great name and title aside, this pretty music, even though being mostly electronic, travels in a very organic style. Altogether it starts out with an experimental edge, but then gradually within each track changes and swoons the listener into a relaxed, pleasant state of bliss. It seems to emit a submerged or underwater, but at the same time, flying through the air feel. The unique rhythms and soaring melodies have a flowing effect like being swept away in a sea of tranquillity. Standing out are the strange but catchy beats, which have a chunky, mechanical quality to them, and what sounds like analog synth, which is not very common in this form of music. To go along with the rhythm and beats, are melodic pieces of tuneless piano strikes, robotised organ and other unknown sounds all being shadowed by fuzzy space drones, displaying the innovative side of the CD. There is an overall, slight, ever so light, touch of distortion added to the music giving the entire album a very lovely feel. (KiraKira Disc)