Electric Youth Innerworld

Electric YouthInnerworld
There's some deep and intangible element of electronic dream pop that Electric Youth gets right. Maybe it comes from the lifelong romantic connection between Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick, but rarely does an album have the otherworldly and intuitive vibe of an actual dream. Lots of artist bios use the word "otherworldly," but the 13 songs on Innerworld really do sound like they're coming from somewhere else. They float in the ether, where light meets dark, and glide freely from one moment to the next. It makes for a thrilling listen from one of Canada's most promising bands.

Innerworld opens with the mood-setting instrumental "Before Life," which lifts listeners up into the clouds, and then blasts forward with "Runaway," a song about the classic dream-pop theme of running away. Taken with the album's third track, "We Are The Youth," it might come off on paper as a lot of clichés, but the album's fresh and urgent delivery is more an exercise in earnest, pure expression than anything else. This album will make you feel young, and make running away sound enticing.

It must be weird having your band's reputation tied up in a film as Electric Youth do with "A Real Hero," their excellent contribution to the Drive soundtrack. They could do worse — Drive had one of the best OSTs of the decade so far — but they're good enough that they deserve much more. Innerworld should be their breakthrough album at the very least, and may very well be the album of the winter, a season that fits it well. (Last Gang)