Electric Wizard Dopethrone

After making a name for themselves with 1997's monstrous Come My Fanatics album, Dorset, UK's Neanderthal trio became pretty much invisible. When they did manage to come up for air, the results were mediocre at best and terribly shoddy at its worst. Their 1998 EP, Supercoven, was almost embarrassing, so much so that when the day came to finally hear the long awaited and much talked about Dopethrone, I was dubious. Fortunately, the band has come through in spades, as Dopthrone is their best effort yet. Achieving a heavy groove that only the best bands can match, it is obvious by the end of the album's second track, the ludicrously titled "Funeralopolis," that something special is happening here. Whether the band realises it or not, they have raised the bar by which fuzz/stoner/doom music will be judged. If this doesn't affect you, forget it. This band is obviously not for you. If you like it, revel in what might be the most over-the-top, loudest doom album ever made. (Rise Above)