Electric Birds Panorama

Mike Martinez, the man behind Electric Birds, returns with eight tracks in Panorama, a very minimal sounding album to say the least. Martinez takes a very simplistic approach to his songcraft by using very few ingredients on top of a lazy underlining. There are signs of life on this effort, with the occasional glimpse of a beat, but for the most part, the tracks are glued together by waves of sound and a dabbling of beeps and noises. The whole thing can literally pass the listener by, for the fact that the album is the length of an EP and there really isn't anything that's going to make one sit up and take notice. Panorama, in fact, comes across more like a cassette you would buy to help you sleep at night or to use when trying to relax. The majority of the songs are in fact elegant and soothing, but quite forgettable with nothing to really grasp at and stick in your mind. In the end, that's something very vital if an album is worthy of repeated listening. (Deluxe)