Electrelane Rock It To The Moon

Electrelane's debut record has a very serious tone to it. Rock It To The Moon is the sound of a band unwilling to give up any of their integrity when it comes to making rock music. The songs are long, experimental jams that are really damn loud and appear to be destroying your stereo. Consisting of a guitar, drum and bass combo, it is the haunting farfisa organ that really makes the music come together. Much of the record follows the loud droning noise of the early krautrock-shaped Stereolab recordings: guitars making a wall of sound that crash against ear-shattering cymbals with an organ piercing through. The only thing close to resembling a conventional pop direction here is the sudden burst of hand claps and vocals on the brief "Spartakiade." Stretched out over 74 minutes, this album is a dark, anarchic, cinematic piece of music that has random moments where it explodes into something completely unexpected. Inspired by bands like the Stooges and Broadcast, Electrelane display their influences by combining avant-garde and punk ethics. When the final and epic track "Mother" comes around, Electrelane show that they are four people ready to take on anyone who will listen to things their way. (Independent)