El Perro Del Mar Records Mini-LP With Studio's Rasmus Hägg

El Perro Del Mar Records Mini-LP With Studio's Rasmus Hägg
Despite El Perro Del Mar 's last effort being a bit of a bummer, an exciting bit of news has surfaced that should renew some lost faith in this Swedish songstress. Apparently, El Perro Del Mar (aka Sarah Assbring) has been working with one half of the heady Gothenburgian duo Studio, Rasmus Hägg, who has put his much-loved Balearic touch on her upcoming mini-album, Love Is Not Pop.

The seven-track release is due April 1 in Sweden courtesy of Licking Fingers (a North American release date is coming) and currently streaming over at El Perro Del Mar's MySpace page is new track "Change of Heart," which has Studio written all over it and in our humble opinion, sounds pretty awesome.

In an online statement, Assbring sheds a bit of light on the collaboration with Hägg and tracks on Love Is Not Pop, which include a cover of Lou Reed's The Blue Mask track "It Is Something (To Have Wept)," and were apparently partly inspired by late actor River Phoenix.

"I was after a different sound, as well as a different way of working, when forming the idea for Love Is Not Pop," she explains. "The songs were mostly written during a stay in Paris in October last year and it was around this time I got in touch with Rasmus Hägg from the Swedish duo Studio. I've been a huge fan of Studio ever since I heard their early releases and me and Rasmus had been talking about doing something together before but time had never really been on our side - until now."

Assbring goes on to say that Hägg was apparently working on a solo album when the two started working together, adding: "Rasmus plays all guitars, bass and drums on the record. It's beautiful, how we'd met in a time where both of us were looking for something new, something different than what we'd done before. It just happened to be a magical coincidence and an even more magical collaboration."

To read all Assbring's gushing self-confessional, you can check it out on Licking Fingers website.

Here is the tracklisting for Love Is Not Pop:

1. "Gotta Get Smart"
2. "Change of Heart"
3. "L Is for Love"
4. "Let Me In"
5. "Heavenly Arms"
6. "It Is Something (To Have Wept)"
7. "A Better Love"