El Guincho’s Tropical Sampling

El Guincho’s Tropical Sampling
Barcelona’s Pablo Días-Reixa is one diverse dude. From his work in Spanish film and television, including contributions to Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, to his rock band Coconot, his love of the eclectic has met its peak with his sample-based bedroom Tropicalia project El Guincho.

"I used to play in punk bands, and I wanted to bring the Tropicalia and Caribbean influences to my sound, but they ended up being the main thing,” he explains. In fact, his El Guincho debut Alegranza morphs those influences into a colourful pastiche of chirping birds, playful melodies and danceable beats.

It’s also become Días-Reixa’s global calling card. From early MySpace buzz to a strong presence at SXSW, Alegranza was attracting swarms while it was still in limited release. "In Spain, I had major labels offering me tons of money and stuff like that,” he says of the hype. "But I just want to be in my room playing with my synthesizer, that’s it.” That desire to keep things low-key led to his split deal with XL Recordings, who finally released his album outside of Spain in October. "The deal offered a little bit less money; it wasn’t the biggest offer I got,” he recalls. "But I really like the people, and they didn’t put any pressure on me. It was really cool.”

Now El Guincho is experimenting with new ideas on tour. Part of that means ditching the sampler for a full band and some synthesizers, as well as remixing the tracks for some fresh perspective. "People started to know who I was with Alegranza, but I’ve been doing this same kind of thing for four years now,” he says. "I’m ready to change it now and go for a cooler sound.”
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