El Chupa Cobras El Chupa Cobras

People always make fun of places like Alabama for being in the middle of the Bible Belt and fostering more rednecks/incestuous relationships than the rest of the world combined. In the case of El Chupa Cobras though, it would seem as if the city of Montgomery has created one rocker of a bastard child. Confusing all of the ridiculous sub-categories that mar any self-respecting music fan’s brain, these guys manage to pack the beat-heavy rhythm of old school hardcore with the mathematical twists and turns of Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus, the throaty screams of Converge with the thundering chug of Zeke and even a touch of emotiveness into a debut album that’s kind of like John Carpenter’s The Thing. It latches onto whatever host it can find, replicates it perfectly and then suckers you into thinking it’s the real deal. Although in this case, it is authentic, just way deadlier. And you’re sitting there, nodding your head in appreciation the whole time. (Acerbic Noise)