This has been a banner year for Bristol's Nick Edwards. With a stellar pair of releases for Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu label under his belt, not to mention a freshly-released EP for the West Norwood Cassette Library imprint, one would think that Edwards would be parking the Ekoplekz bus and hunkering down for a much-needed hibernation. Not one to rest on his laurels, however, the producer has dropped yet another EP, this time for the Vancouver-based label More Than Human.

As Ekoplekz, Edwards produces a washed out, lugubrious brand of electronic music, laced with dubby echoes and catatonia-inducing noise bursts. His beats plod forward with a somewhat oblique sense of direction, at times cantering almost in lockstep and at others seemingly hypothesized, like dark matter. Yet it's the producer's uncanny and bizarre sounds that make each release even more charming than the last. With the Influkz EP, Edwards demonstrates his protean nature. This record is the perfect example of an artist continuing to stride forward without completely abandoning what came before. (More Than Human)
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