Egyptrixx Bible Eyes

Egyptrixx Bible Eyes
Egyptrixx's debut album, Bible Eyes, is a magically distorted manifesto of contemporary dance music. Released on white-hot British label Night Slugs, which spent 2010 bringing to the forefront a garage offshoot known alternately as "juke" and "footwork," Toronto, ON's David Psutka is in the enviable position of releasing the imprint's first album, as well as representing his hometown's dance renaissance internationally. Bible Eyes' ten tracks are downright charismatic. The album begins on the disorienting tip with "Start from the Beginning," throwing panned synths into a space-time continuum, acting as a refrain throughout the entire album, creating a sweeping digital montage that nods forward to a trumped fusion of dancehall, house and elements of trance while simultaneously winking back to the brittle textures of early house. "Chrysalis Records," meanwhile, looms with hauntingly self-contradicting lyrics by Trust and gorgeously rendered soundscapes that bring in subtle new wave credentials. At times, the album is deep and pithy; at others, it's whimsical and borderline carnival-esque, particularly with the alternate versions of "Recital," which appears here twice and borrows sharply different elements each time. If Bible Eyes is any indication, and if music by the likes of Azari & III, XI, Art Department and others continues to flourish as strongly as last year, 2011 could become Toronto's first year in the international dance spotlight since the mid-'90s. Bring it on.

Are there any underlying themes or motives in your work?
Egyptrixx is an experimental/celestial club music project that borrows structural elements from techno, house, dubstep, noise and rap music ― sometimes all at the same time. I write mainly with loose, or accidental, symbolism, so it's kind of self-defeating or impossible to identify any thematic motives. The album is called Bible Eyes and was loosely written as a tribute to my great-grandmother ― the only other musician in my family ― who supported her ten children and disabled husband during the depression by playing organ at funerals.

Who are your favourite musicians in the dance music scene right now?
Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Actress, Addison Groove, Scuba, Ikonika, Cubic Zirconia, Girl Unit, Kingdom and Bok Bok.

What's next for Egyptrixx?
Lots of stuff planned after the album release, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. For now, just lots of touring, a few videos and the record. (Night Slugs)