Eels "Fresh Blood"

Eels 'Fresh Blood'
Eels have been MIA since dropping the double album Blinking Lights and Other Revelations back in 2005. Main man Mark Everett, E to his friends, has kept the brand alive through live records, greatest hits and rarities comps and some curious soundtrack work (Jim Carrey's Yes Man?). Finally though, a light at the end of the tunnel: after four years Eels will release their seventh album Hombre Lobo on June 2.

The album's first single, "Fresh Blood" finds the band at their most stripped down and bluesy, sounding like a 21st century Tom Waits. A slinky, brooding drum and bass line propels the track with E throwing out the blood curdling "whoos" in between his usual laconic vocals. The accompanying video, complete with a blood red wash and a heavily bearded E howling at the moon, is downright frightening.