EE For 100 We Try Harder

Featuring Soo Young Park from Seam on guitar/vocals, Tobin Mori from Korea Girl on guitar/vocals and Peter Nguyen from Total Shutdown on drums, EE composes consistently graceful music. For 100 We Try Harder includes songs that frequently display unimpeachable crescendos, moving from harmonious murmurs to heart-wrenching, ceiling-shaking upsurges. Intermittently, the band’s tunes reference the exquisite Galaxie 500 penchants of Seam’s initial songs, while adding an augmented force and startling dynamic changes. The disc opens with the slow melodic ebb of intertwined guitars, eventually joined by subtle keyboards and poised drumming. Enhanced by cello, "Thomas Sleeps Beneath An El Paso Tree” alternates between delicate hypnotic notes and harmonious peaks of volume. The instrumental epic "March Of The Chago Kin” is repeatedly built and dissembled with enthralling results and "Tiny Spot” offers dead right restraint and resonating melodies. For 100 We Try Harder reliably offers enchanting songs. (Asian Man)