Edo G

After All These Years

Edo GAfter All These Years
Boston MC Edo G may have gotten his most attention for his single "Be A Father to Your Child," but he's been a dependable underground stalwart ever since, steadily issuing material and unapologetically embracing his '90s veteran status. After All These Years is Edo G's 11th album, and the title is self-explanatory; he isn't about to change up his style at this point. He's always delivered battle-tested raspy rhymes with his deep voice while making time to deliver songs with messages of self-empowerment, rarely stepping out of his comfort zone.

Edo still sounds hungry on the mic, and he's aided by reacquainting himself with Pete Rock (with whom he recorded the My Own Worst Enemy album in 2004) and Toronto-born Marco Polo, as well as 9th Wonder. He takes things back to basics over a beefy Pete Rock beat on "2 Turntables and A Mic" and teams admirably with King Magnetic on "Back & Forth." Beyond establishing he can still hang on the mic, Edo visits rap purist politics on ("U.N.I.") and presents a narrative tackling the consequences of domestic and sexual abuse ("Da Beef"). Chuck D stops by to drop some righteous rhymes on "Fight," but it's perhaps "Neva Die (Boom Bap)" that best blends Edo's credo and goals. With none of the 12 tracks hitting the four-minute mark, After All These Years doesn't overstay its welcome, keeps its focus and makes its point. (5th and Union/RedLine Distribution)
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