Edna's Goldfish The Elements Of Transition

On the recent Moon Records compilation, Moonshot!, a catchy little tune called "I'm Your Density" won Edna's Goldfish a number of new fans. Their latest album, The Elements Of Transition, is unfortunately not as good. Edna's Goldfish has become a happy-go-lucky pop group! Sure, there are little ska bits here and there, but not at all what I had expected. As a power pop band they're actually very good. One of the highlights on The Elements Of Transition is Dave Waldo's keyboard playing, which livens up most tracks, quite a feat for someone who isn't even in the band! I personally enjoy Edna's Goldfish, even with their stylistic change, but it may put some potential fans off. It's worth hearing either way, and this new pop venture will hopefully attract a much wider audience to the band and to Moon Records itself, home to some of the best ska bands in the world. (Moon Ska)