EDM and Metal Fans Consume the Most Drugs and Alcohol: Study

EDM and Metal Fans Consume the Most Drugs and Alcohol: Study
Photo: Alexandria Pavelich
Metal and EDM fans appear to be opposites in nearly every way, from their grooming choices (or lack thereof) to their preferred instruments. They might not be so different after all, however, as a new study suggests both groups absolutely love getting fucked up at concerts.

A new study from DrugAbuse.com [via Consequence of Sound] surveyed 976 music festival attendees to find out who's doing what when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

The study suggested that EDM fans and metal fans are the most wasted at shows:

The survey also broke down who's doing what. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that reggae and hip-hop fans are smoking the most weed, while EDM fans have a monopoly on MDMA, hallucinogens and cocaine. Metal fans, on the other hand, are mostly messing with alcohol:

As if that weren't enough, they also asked people why they're getting messed up at shows. There were certainly some expected answers — EDM freaks are getting drunk and high to increase energy and to experiment. On the other hand, metal fans are getting wasted to reduce social anxiety. Meanwhile, a great deal of indie and folk fans are indulging just because they can:

Metal and EDM fans found more common ground age-wise, too, as they're the ones who start experimenting with drugs and alcohol more early in life:

Read the full study here.